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Sustainable Travel is a responsible, mindful way of seeing the world while making our ecological footprint as little as possible. The year 2020 & 2021 has been a reality check for everyone in terms of traveling. We had to rethink where we visit, how we visit and why we visit.

Traveling brings us close to earth's diverse landscapes and connects us with cultures around the globe. It has the power to change places and the lives of the people who live there – for better or worse.

Let's Work Together !

Making eco-friendly choices in travel extends to picking the right destination too. Why not support a destination that cares for the planet?  Pedestrian Trails has a holistic and collaborative approach to traveling. We join hands with local communities and put Rural Travel, Ecotourism, Homestays, Yoga & Ayurveda tourism as part of our travel DNA.

We believe that “Healthy Tourism” can have a positive impact when we respect the world as we explore it. We promote travelling by preserving the natural environment, adhering to cultural customs and supporting local communities because it is respectful and enhances the journey. We always try to promote small, individual or family-run stays and those properties that retain a strong connection with their immediate community. You can indulge in excursions and activities that put local people at the center- all while providing direct economic benefits to the host communities. Local people are empowered by the opportunities created for employment, development and conservation, while visitors have an opportunity to take part in high quality, often unique experiences safe in the knowledge that they are having a direct and positive impact ensuring prosperity and social equity.

Pedestrian Trails has options for eco-friendly travelers, so let’s explore them together.

Travel the world without hurting Mother Nature with Pedestrian Trails.

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